Friday, March 14, 2014

blog #7 Spring break


I hope everyone is enjoying there break as I am,
I drove my 96 sable to Indiana/ Kentucky to come visit family and friends.
It was around a 600-800 mile trip, and took roughly around 8-10 hours to get here.

I left around 6:30pm on Friday after getting everything ready. I went threw the va/ and finally got to west VA around 9-10pm. I made it to the halfway point around midnight. I could have kept going and got there at 3am. But I didn't want to risk falling asleep behind the wheel on a mountain. so I pulled into a hotel parking lot and slept in my car...
I have learned a very valuable lesson. If your tall, sturdy, Never try to sleep in a small compact car. IT doesn't WORK! very uncomfortable, and just don't do it.
I tried to sleep and end up waking up every 30 mins, so around 3-4am I got up, ate some food and went on my way. I arrived in Kentucky around 6ish and made it to Indiana around 9am.
I spent almost 6 days there.
Things you would enjoy,
DQ Biscuits and gravy ( best around)
White castles
and check out the YUM center :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

blog #6

Well the Friday before spring break, our class played a game,

we almost won, but I lost us the game sadly.

It was a hard game haha we were so close!!!!


But we left class early and didn't really talk about anything too important besides chick fil a as a reward and trying to leave class early.

I hope everyone is enjoying there spring break!

Blog #5

Hey people of the RBC college,

SO this blog thing is kind of funny, I don't know, im not used to it yet but I will get there.
This blog is going to be short and sweet about the essay that is due Monday I believe.

Who would make a paper due the first Monday after spring break? im sure the teacher knows have of us will be either still recovering from all the party's or trips they took, and the other half probably wont remember to do it anyways. If they do remember, its probably Sunday night before class.

But anyways Im probably going to work on it this weekend after I get home from my little road trip.

If anyone is good at Grammer, And spelling and everything that goes with writing, send me a message on facebook or something, because I really suck at it, and would love a tutor or help haha.

10-4, enjoy your break guys and gals!

blog #4 Spring break catch up

Hey fellow students,
Well here is my fourth blog, and im not going to talk about really anything but the movie we watched in class. IT is a boring movie that SHALL not be NAMED >.<

Well It was so boring that our teacher "cough cough" fell asleep for like half the movie. It was funny for the fact that the girls in the class took pictures of him sleeping I guess to post it on social media, If they did it was probably the most funniest thing you saw in your life.

I don't know how he expected us to pay attention if he couldn't even stay awake, but hey at least it was somewhat quiet in the class room.

The movie and what we read are different but yet the same. Im not a huge fan of reading anything that don't interest me, but watching any movie beats only reading it so I was pretty happy when we got to watch half the movie since Sweeney skipped half of it.

But anyways I hope the snow goes away. stays away. Im ready to go to the beach this year.!!!

Sorry again for all the blog post you are about to see,

Enjoy your spring break.

Blog #3 My life

Well hey there, for whoever is reading this, I finally have some time to sit down and catch up on my blogs.
I fell behind working two jobs and going to school full time, maybe not the smartest idea, but hey who cares.

Well the last few weeks In class have been great. One day Sweeney was trying to get us to count to get into groups,(everyone hates btw) SO NOBODY would count correctly. It would go like 1, 2, 5, 0, -3, Until we felt the teacher was getting mad. Our class is pretty rebellious if you'd ask me. We finally got into groups to read each other's essays witch im sure nobody did anyway.

I hate how none of the teachers really put there grades on black board, like I want to know my grades and there are none up. Why even have that thing if nobody uses it correctly? like really.

But anyways, Cool story real quick,
Went to the back and wanted one dollar golden coins, yeah the size of a quarter? well the bank gave me 10 One dollar coins for $10, and there x3 bigger than a quarter. Well two of the coins looked like pure silver. So I took them to a coin  shop and was able to sell those two coins for $12. And I still have 8 coins left. haha looks like the bank messed up big time!!! but anyways, hope everyone is enjoying there spring break as I am, Indiana and Kentucky are pretty sunny, and gas prices here are horrid. its 3.70/gallon here so be lucky all you people in VA.

Enjoy your spring break and don't break the bank.
P.s Sorry for the next 4 blogs im about to post lol

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog number 2!

Well guys and gals, here is my second blog. Yes im blogging during the super bowl, because the broncos are doing horrid, and its upsetting, but anyways,

The last few stories we have read have been confusing, and really no interest to me. The lady in the wallpaper has probably been my favorite so far, no reason. But the awkward part in the last story we read on Friday was really awkward and funny. I had to leave early on Friday due to problems with the financial aid office and that had to be taken care of. Who ever said bye sorry, was not really paying attention lol.

But anyways this is my blog, we got an essay to write soon, so im going to start on that within the next few days or so. :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hey,my name is joshua bagshaw I am 18 years old I was born on March 31st 1995, I love writing poetry, hunting, Mudding, Bonfires. I love Chevys I'm a chevy fan, I was born in Indiana raised In Kentucky. I've only lived in Virginia for the past 4 years. I have plans that I want to accomplish in my lifetime I want to go into the military, I want to get a degree in education, and I want to write a book.  I graduated from Hopewell high school currently live in Hopewell, and I'm possibly going to be working at Amazon. I Have A Job Lined Up After College, and I Was Getting Married This Year But The Girl And I Called A Quit After Two Years. Im A Really Nice Guy, I Always Try  To Smile And make new friends. People say I look mean, but its just because I am focus and listen to music with almost anything I do, so just talk to me lol I don't know what else to write so that is all for now. :)