Friday, March 14, 2014

blog #7 Spring break


I hope everyone is enjoying there break as I am,
I drove my 96 sable to Indiana/ Kentucky to come visit family and friends.
It was around a 600-800 mile trip, and took roughly around 8-10 hours to get here.

I left around 6:30pm on Friday after getting everything ready. I went threw the va/ and finally got to west VA around 9-10pm. I made it to the halfway point around midnight. I could have kept going and got there at 3am. But I didn't want to risk falling asleep behind the wheel on a mountain. so I pulled into a hotel parking lot and slept in my car...
I have learned a very valuable lesson. If your tall, sturdy, Never try to sleep in a small compact car. IT doesn't WORK! very uncomfortable, and just don't do it.
I tried to sleep and end up waking up every 30 mins, so around 3-4am I got up, ate some food and went on my way. I arrived in Kentucky around 6ish and made it to Indiana around 9am.
I spent almost 6 days there.
Things you would enjoy,
DQ Biscuits and gravy ( best around)
White castles
and check out the YUM center :)

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